M. gets to do her peds rotation is sunny Great Falls, MT in a few months. Usually this isn’t a town that I would take note of, but as I walked past a TV last night I noticed the weather for the northwest, including montana. The coldest city, by a good few degrees, was none other than Great Falls which clocked in at a balmy high of -7 degrees F. I did a little digging around and discovered, much to my surprise, that it gets cold there. Very cold. Very very cold. Even the national weather service thinks so. Here is part of their forecast:

My favorite part is their detailed description of the weather for Saturday and Sunday: COLD. Further down the page they state that while the high will be near -4 this afternoon, with wind chill that number could go as low as -31! Thats negative THIRTY ONE degrees! I’m pretty sure our brains freeze around -20, and M’s is a little less tolerant of the cold than regular warm blooded mammals. The low overnight is -35 with wind chill.