I just picked up my race packet and got body marked for the seafair triathlon tomorrow. I could probably use a few more weeks of training to do as well as I want, but this whole thing was kind of spur of the moment. I definitely could use some more time with my new stupid/awesome clipless pedals. I rode from the train, through downtown seattle, through eastlake and into wallingford with no problem on thursday. Then, at the second to last intersection I had to wait for a car and was feeling confident and just decided to trackstand for the half a second. Well I forgot about the 35 lbs on my back and fell directly over like a freshly chopped redwood. Luckily no one saw it, so I get back on the bike, clip in and go. Or try to at least. My chain had somehow gotten mangled in the mix up and refused to go, so down I went again. This time I was too confused as to what my chain was doing to realize I was about to fall over. I didn’t have time to prepare and bore the brunt of my weight directly on my knee. It did not feel good. It was that kind of pain where you can’t move your leg or put any weight on it, or even speak. Unfortunately for my self esteem, a mail carrier had pulled up behind just in time for the show. I had to look up, smile, and give a I’m-not-dead-just-severely-injured-but-pretending-not-to-be thumbs up, and drag myself, my limp leg, backpack and bike to the curb until the pain subsided.

I had M. do a knee exam and she said there’s just some fluid in there from the impact that is pushing on the tendons. Nothing to worry about. We’ll see tomorrow.