Bio-fuel is a sham and a boon to big ag-industry. It takes much needed food from poor, developing nations who’s citizens are starving and redirects it to affluent, non-starving countries (like the US) who need more fuel to get around town in an “eco-friendly” manner. There is also no evidence to support the contention that biofuels are even any more environmentally less harmful than fossil fuels. Just because we can, for the moment, grow the fuel it does not mean we can do so indefinitely or even in the short term. Combustion is a wasteful, archaic technology that will torpedo us into our sooty graves.

Why, in the age of the electron, are we still using hydrocarbons to provide us with energy? And why are we not looking forward to the age of the photon (or beyond)? We have a free, virtually limitless, source of energy literally falling on our heads every day (unless you live in the NW). Solar cells take those photons and move electrons around, creating electricity, with no fossil fuels, no soot, no CO2, and no dead baby dinosaurs had to be excavated. Plants have done it for millions of years. They’re no dummies.

While I agree that humans are the biggest detrimental contributor to the destruction of our natural world, I don’t think we should starve ourselves to death while continuing polluting our own air, either.