Well no on screamed their way into obscurity, no one called themselves, “the comeback kid” and no one dropped any strategically placed f-bombs, but the caucus was still eventful. We came one step closer to having the first African-American president. Only took a little over a hundred years, and who says the US isn’t liberal?
While this is a nice gesture, I’m more worried about actual policies and the candidates’ abilities to govern. Obama seems to be lacking in an actual voting record by which he can be judged. And while Hillary can be charged with not taking any strong stances on this campaign, at least she has a substantial voting log that can be examined. Obama is like a bean sprout salad when all you want is a juicy T-bone.

Edwards, with an impressive second, is still underrated and underreported. Unfortunately in today’s climate a great number of American voters pay more attention to appearances than policies and as Elizabeth Edwards says, “He can’t make himself black and he can’t make himself a woman.” I think Edwards would make an excellent president. That said, I also think Hillary would make an excellent president, and if Edwards doesn’t pick up steam I’ll be throwing in with her when his campaign is on its death bed.

Obama just doesn’t do anything for me. Sure people want change and all that, but don’t pick up the first thing that comes along without checking it out first. This is exactly how lonely sailors end up with the clap and tranny hookers.