Today’s has to have been the worst seminar I’ve ever been to. I knew it was going to be bad since the faculty host was an emeritus. The only speakers these old guys ever invite are other old guys. They have conversations about bran and taking care of their dying loved ones.

So I bust my butt to get here from Seattle after a great weekend with M., to be the first one in the room. The talk was about hydrophobic/philic influences in inter and intraprotein interactions. Yawn. I could’ve done without this. I’m already falling asleep after the drive and I am severly disinterested in protein dynamics or kinetics altogether. It took a very long 15 minutes to start fighting the sweet slumber that was calling my name. Another 2 minutes and I lost it. I tried everything but could fight it no longer. The next thing I knew my neck snapped up and it was 4 minutes later. Well that’s convenient.

The speaker was the worst I’ve ever seen. The accent was hard enough to get past, but throw in some stammering, some “uhh-uhh-uhh”s along with some scientifically dated (read irrelevant) subject matter and you’ve got today’s seminar. Who cares about free energy changes anymore?

At one point he spoke about some experiments that had been running whose results would either support or refute his theory. It was then that he offered the high-point of the seminar. He said, “A post-doc was doing these experiments, but uhh, then he died, suddenly. It’s a nice story and I’ll tell it to you later.” Well he never did tell the story. Then I began thinking about my own mortality and my goodness have I really been here that long, that by the time I get to a post-doc I’ll be at the “suddenly dieing” stage? I need to get to work.