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W. has vowed to use his veto power to strike down any bill that contains protection for gays under the hate crime amendment, essentially condoning violence against people based on sexual orientation. He says that people should have the religious freedom to criticize the gay community’s liffestyle and choices. Hmm. His interpretation of his own religion (and let’s be clear that he is motivated solely by his own religious beliefs and couldn’t care less about anyone else’s) also puts worshiping any god other than his on the same footing as homosexuality. So where’s the religious freedom to criticize other religions? Oh that’s right, they are protected. And it isn’t even protection against verbal criticism that is sought. They want protection from hate crimes that endanger the lives and well being of US citizens. W. says that it’s ok to direct hate crimes towards gays? And uses religion to justify it?? Huh? I’m completely baffled.

Hate crimes against people with disabilities will also be stricken down with the amendment. I have yet to hear a justification for this, but I can only imagine how horribly twisted the logic will be. Why don’t we cordon off some land and we’ll put all of those “citizens” that the founding fathers didn’t really intend to have full rights, but had to include in the constitution and bill of rights, on it. We’ll give it a name that evokes the diversity of all of those misfits, but highlights their underlying unity. How about: The United States. Yeah, and then we’ll take all of the “real citizens” (white, heterosexual, non-disabled males of western European descent) and put them in their very own shangri-la where they can unite in their disdain for everyone else. We’ll call it…Kansas. Or Alabama.