This probably violates all kinds of rules, but it’s just too good not to. I got evaluations from last term back today. I’m leaving out the great majority of them which go something like this: “I hate chemistry, but C. is great. He could turn things back on time, I didn’t know what to do.” Here are some of the highlights:

What needs to be improved?:

-More clowns, less trophies.
-More porn! Please!
-Fun level.
-Post-labs suck.
-Fairer grading, please. We are only beginners!
-And about 30 complaints about hard grading and turning back labs late.

What is your opinion of the instructor?:

-Excessively strict on grading.
-Personable and smart, although he grades reports like a totalitarian.
-Really hard grader
-C. is the man!
-He can benchpress 260 but only 20 in the power clean
-No weaknesses. Very respectful and approachable.
-He has nice eyes but a weak jawline.
-Very personable and knows his sh!t.
-Obviously very smart and knows what he’s doing.
-He’s a nice guy-maybe he just had a bad term?

So the results are in. I’m a nice guy who’s lazy and smart, but grades hard. Maybe we should just ask M.