I think John Edwards drunk emailed me. Or at least his campaign manager, David Bonior, did. The email opened with:

“There is a trail of rot making its way through our government—and it leads straight to Karl Rove.”

The rest of the message is filled with vitriol and liveliness, using keywords such as “cynical, destructive, partisan,” and “insidious.” And then, “Karl Rove must be fired.”
I dislike Karl Rove and the policies he conjures up as much as the next socialist, but hate has never advanced humanity. Sure, it’s won elections (see current administration), but we are always left precisely where we started, with the same old ideas being regurgitated. John Edwards has some very unique and feasible ideas for providing healthcare to all Americans, so I find it somewhat dismaying that the hostility is starting so early in the election cycle when he has actual substance to hold himself up and shouldn’t need to resort to such tactics.