As a grad student blogger, it is my responsibility to inform all of my readers about the intricacies involved in slogging towards the ever elusive PhD. Highlighting the ins and outs of the bottom rungs of the ladder toward enlightenment. So what do I do when I come upon someone who’s done it better? Steal it, of course. Or in the language of the biz, cite the work with proper footnotes and references. I stumbled upon this comic from the Stanford Daily, after seeing various strips hung on office doors. After reading a few of them I’m convinced the author has been following me around for the past “n” years and documenting my every move. He’s got it all. Funding issues, dating undergrads, free food, housing issues, nonproductive trips to see the family. It’s eery. Here’s one that I’m going to print out and bring with me to seminar today. The only square on here that isn’t routinely used is the HIV/cancer one. Amazing.

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