March 2007

First medical malpractice, now this. From the AP:

“A top student’s failing biology project grade has landed a Sissonville High School teacher and the school system in court.

The parent of the straight-A student is suing teacher Jane Schultz and the Kanawha County Board of Education, claiming the low score hurt the female student’s 4.5 GPA.

The student, identified only as “L.H.” in court papers, was given an F’ on a leaf project, wherein she collected and identified leaves, because she handed it in a day late, the lawsuit said.

The project’s deadline listed in the class syllabus was Oct. 17, but L.H. was attending a school-approved student council trip to Jacksons Mill in Lewis County from Oct. 15-17.

J. Michael Ronson, the student’s lawyer, said the late assignment should be accepted because the trip had been approved by the principal. Other absent students, including athletes and those who are suspended under disciplinary action, are allowed to hand in work after they return to school, he said.

“It could possibly take her out of the running for valedictorian, and for those highly competitive students, you certainly would make as many A’s as you can,” Ronson said.

The case, filed in Kanawha Circuit Court, seeks an injunction, punitive damages, and damages for “emotional stress, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of scholarship potential.”

Schultz and Nancy Walker, assistant principal at Sissonville High, declined comment because of ongoing litigation.

“The class had ample notice that late submissions would not be accepted,” said Jim Withrow, attorney for the Kanawha school board.

“Part of going to school is learning there are rules, learning there are deadlines. Unfortunately, this is a pretty good student. But sometimes you just have to learn from your mistakes.””

I think I may be in trouble. Anyone know a good lawyer specializing in fending off idiots?

I’ve been wearing my girlfriend’s socks for a week and a half. It’s not some weird foot fetish. I just need to do laundry. Badly. I like ducks and kittens as much as the next person, and Ms. Clause has always been a favorite of mine, but I know I’ve hit a low point when I picked up the purple stripey ones, thought about it for a second, and happily put them on.