I just looked out my window to the parking lot entrance from an intersection just below my office to see a man lying in the middle of the entrance in a pool of blood and a mangled bike next to him. No car in sight, though. One man ran over from an adjacent office to help hold the man down until EMTs arrived. Whatever happened, this guy was drenched.

They need a pedestrian overpass at this intersection. The bike path system runs right through it. It is seven lanes wide and has the highest speed limit in town. Last year I saw the carnage after a woman on a bike was run over and killed there. My best friend was hit by a car not 10 feet from where this guy was just maimed. I routinely see people blast the red light at full speed, at least twice a week, to potentially run over any pedestrians crossing with the light in their favor. It’s a mess.

I used to be impressed with how bike-friendly this town appeared to be, as city officials loudly touted. But after commuting on bicycle over the last few years I’ve become disenchanted. I almost get hit by careless drivers not checking the bike lanes before turning or pulling out into the road almost weekly. The above incidences add to it, and I can rattle off a list of people I know who’ve been hit on bikes here. Yes this town has a high volume of bicycle traffic and lanes, but is it truly biker-friendly? I’m starting to think not. You can put in all the infrastructure you want, but until motorists are willing to use it and are consious of it at all times, it is useless. So get with it drivers, I’m a biker, not a speedbump. Don’t hit me.