Haven’t posted in a while, which only means one thing: another great weekend with M. We both got a lot of work done and I got to tinker with some electronics. We didn’t do much but study, work and watch online episodes of Ugly Betty, but evidently it paid off since M. ACED two of her four exams she took yesterday. There are people who get excited about having a GPA above 3.0 as an undergraduate, and she is getting 100%’s on medical school exams. Med school, people.

In other news, I may have screwed up royally. Whenever I go to a conference or have to be reimbursed for something I go through one of the interdisciplinary research centers that we are a part of. It’s nice. They make travel arrangements, get the tickets and everything. All they need is an index number for the grant the money comes out of. So every time I need to go somewhere I email the director of the center the travel information and the index number.

Well as it turns out I’ve been sending our index and travel requests to some random graduate student in the english department, whose email address is one letter off of the director’s. So now this guy knows the index, the grant name, and the research lab that goes along with it. Oops. This only worries me because of how easy it is to buy expensive things with only an index. Oh well, I hope he uses it wisely.

This may explain my having to teach this year. Hmmm…