From the NYT:
Maine Bans Smoking in Cars With Children.

I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that it has taken lawmakers this long to ban smoking to the degree that it has been, or that people need to be told that baking a child in a smoke filled, hermetically sealed car is not a good thing. At this point I would think that everyone knows smoking is just a nasty undertaking, with no apparent benefits outweighing the cancer factor. But maybe not; M. and I saw a woman blow smoke into a child’s face as it was being carried by the woman walking next to her, just a few days ago.

I encourage everyone to write his or her state and federal congress-people to support such a legislation.

Well the grading starts on the train tomorrow. (Cue music: I’m so excited) So stay tuned for reports on the shear inanity of tomorrow’s leaders. But in my students’ defense I do only write about the few who are seemingly beyond help, that I try my hardest to communicate with and teach, but ultimately fail. So I guess the students’ cluelessness is my shortcoming. Or not.