As of today I’ve been riding my bike to and from school through the snow for at least 6 years now, granted not all at once and it’s been pretty mellow here for the last 2 or 3 years, but still. I love my education.
I receive periodic job posting updates from the ACS just to keep abreast of what awaits. I love my work, and everything it entails. But not enough to work for the Naval Air Warfare Center. Not even with a entry 97K/yr price tag. I mean they don’t even try to hide what it is they do. At least DARPA has a somewhat benign name and acronym (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). The job posting is for a vibrational spectroscopist. What do I do? Vibrational spectroscopy. Well, theoretically. Ha Ha. And the work I do concerning intermolecular communication via coherent lattice phonons is just a hop, skip and a jump away from the shockwave (read projectiles and bombs) community that once we realized this we shifted directions a bit. But still calls for people in my field are few and far between. If this is all there is, I may be applying for the M.M.R. SHARD (stay at home researching dad)fellowship .
On a heavier note, it seems our fearless leader has again designated more young americans to be targets in Iraq. I was hopefull that we might hear a change in policy, given recent election results that clearly reflect the public’s disapproval of our current situation. But it seems the administration can only give us lip service about being responsible for the horrible mess. They’ve done the only thing they had at their disposal (besides the ethical, moral and correct thing of withdrawing US citizens from a hostile foreign environment) and are throwing more of america’s future into the fray. Well W.’s approach hasn’t worked for the last 3 years, and putting more troops there with the same strategy isn’t going to work either. It will only give the Iraqi nationalists aka “the terrorists” or “insurgents” (what would we call the founding fathers?) more cars to plant bombs on, and more targets to mortar. Stay the course, right?