Well, not exactly, but it is amazingly coincidental (NOT ironic) that my blog post yesterday was filled with mentions of the noodly goodness that is ramen, and then Mr. Ramen himself, Momofuku Ando, up and dies. Read about it in the NY Times.
A man after my own heart, he invented the noodles to feed the working masses all by himself, and now feeds more than 100 million people daily. From poor graduate students, to welfare recipients, to thru-hikers and/or bums, he feeds them all cheaply with his trans-fat laden delicacy. Nothing else comes close. As the article puts it, “There are other versions of fast noodles. There is spaghetti in a can. It is sweetish and gloppy and a first cousin of dog food.” Indeed.
Mr. Ando was 96. He must not have been eating many ramens.