Ok here’s a holiday recap since the ratan death march. Spent christmas eve with 3/4 of the Improbables as well as 1adam12 and The Scrapple King, a.k.a. Iron Stone Jake, always a pleasure. We were just too cool for our time and place. Did a bit of programming while everyone was at work. One of the main features of being a theoretician is a mixed blessing. My work can be done just about anywhere, which is great. I’ve theorized everywhere from noisy clubs with live music to isolated mountain tops on the Appalachian Trail. But irregardless (sic) of the setting or leisurely time of day, it is still work and it is still hard. Harder than most people’s occupations. Just because I don’t have to be in a specific place and punch a clock at a certain time does not mean my work is on par with someone’s vacation. People think I have it easy. But I work hard, and hold long hours to do it. Anyway. Drove to N. Jersey to spend some christmas cash. I cannot explain the pandemonium that is route 17 in Paramus. Had probably the first uneventful flight of my life. Actually landed in Seattle 20 minutes early. Did christmas and new years there. At 1:30 in the AM on new years day a heavily intoxicated woman knocked on the door. I let it go, chalking it up to a case of mistaken apartment number. A second knock followed by, “I\’m not a cop!” Well let me tell you, now I feel safe. At 1:30 in the morning on new years eve/day in one of the largest cities in the world the only person I would open the door for is a cop. Oh how the times have changed. The girl mumbled some story about a missing purse. I shooed her away while trying to wrestle the cat back inside. Now I’m on the train back home. Something either died under my seat or the man in front of me smells. Bad. Like dog pee-soaked, mouldy oak chips and a touch of ben-gay. It is horrible. I may vomit soon. I’m off to the dining car for some epicac to expedite the process.