Finished deriving the new equations of motion for our vibrational wave packets. And get this, they almost all fit on one page. Granted it is an 11×17 piece of ledger paper, but they almost fit. They should also be much easier to code, which I should start doing next week. No worries about a vector potential, perturbative expressions for vibrational eigenfunctions, or unitary transformations. I’m excited.

Have to finish grading today while M. studies for tomorrow’s concurrent exam and fights the temptation to watch Grey’s Anatomy all day.

On a more political note: I thought the official take was that the US doesn’t partake in nation building. Well Stephen J. Hadley’s recently leaked memo regarding Maliki’s abilites would suggest otherwise. In it it he outlines several things that Maliki must do to appear to be a strong leader and prevent complete and utter failure. It says, “If it is Maliki’s assessment that he does not have the capability — politically or militarily — to take the steps outlined above, we will need to work with him to augment his capabilities. We could do so in two ways. First, we could help him form a new political base among moderate politicians from Sunni, Shia, Kurdish and other communities. Ideally, this base would constitute a new parliamentary bloc that would free Maliki from his current narrow reliance on Shia actors. (This bloc would not require a new election, but would rather involve a realignment of political actors within the Parliament).”

Did you catch that. Particularly the parenthetical remark. Rebuilding parliament would not require new elections. Sounds like we brought them US style democracy alright.