My weekend sounds like the start of a bad joke: A doctor, a lawyer, a musician, and a scientist all walk into a bar… Maybe I’ll make up the rest if inspiration strikes. But really, had a fun weekend tooling around Seattle. Usually my weekends there are spent working with M. in her apartment, interspersed with walks around the U-district and trips to K-town. So this was a change of pace. I did happen to notice that the adage about there being a starbucks on every corner is actually quite an understatement.
I like to practice tai chi on the lawn at school when working late, it’s a nice break. But this being a university campus, and students being nocturnal, I am usually not the only one out there. In fact, for a while there I was on the same schedule as a nightly game of inebriated disc golf. For those not familiar with west coast disc-themed games, disc golf is played by participants roaming around a large open area hitting preselected things with frisbees from large distances. It’s ridiculous. But not as ridiculous as ultimate frisbee, which is the biggest joke I’ve ever seen. Disc golfers typically tend to not worry themselves about others in their public playing area, such as pedestrians, children, or pregnant women. They play on busy sidewalks and campuses at rush hour. You may even become a target.
Listen: just as I reached my zen-like state of harmonious balance a frisbee would, without fail, sail across the lawn and hit either me or the tree under which I had been practicing. Sometimes I’d get a, “Sorry, dude.” Other times nothing at all. Fine.
Well this past weekend I got to looking from one ‘bucks to another and thought it would make for an interesting, if not useless, game of disc-golf.