I’m trying to keep this blog apolitical. But this doesn’t fall under politics as much as unfortunate world events. The United States Central Command, who just loves PowerPoint by the way, had a slide leaked that gave their assessment on the situation in Iraq. It is a color coded scale with “Peace” in green all the way to the left, and “Chaos” all the way to the right in red. You can guess where modern Iraq falls, and to which end it is slipping daily.

I wonder how far into the red it has to get before we acknowledge a civil war. But even civil wars have some sort of organization. This is just US-induced chaos.For politicians to get on their soapbox, lie to us, and tell us that we are winning and we need to “stay the course,” at this point is unethical. This is obviously, by their own analysis, false. And to say that the people who orchestrated this whole thing have done great work, and don’t need to be replaced, is insane. I feel like I’m in a horrible Kafka novel. I know of no other job where you can screw up this badly, costing tens and hundreds of thousands of lives unnecesarilly and still not only have a job, but be commended by your boss.

This is going to plague our country for many years to come. Children are growing up with reports of war and death and violence coming from the media. This will leave collective scars and will only pave the way for a future generation of militant US leaders. And what is happening to children in the US is inconsequential in comparison to the irreparable damage done to Iraqi children, who will grow up hating the US. Violence begets violence. I’d rather have my children grow up learning about this war in a history book, not the evening news.