I’m back in NJ for my cousin’s wedding. Being here reminds me of a few key reasons why I left in the first place. There are 270,000 people in the 700 square mile Atlantic County, while here there are 150,000 in our only 36 square miles, but the traffic there is INSANE. Our streets are desolate in comparison. As much as I dislike some of our local transit’s labor policies, I must admit they provide a necessary service and without them our roads would be transformed into a NJ-esque mad max free-for-all. For example, if you are the first person at a red light and are not at least
halfway through the intersection by the time the light turns green you will have 12 angry mobsters flipping you off while laying on the horns of their hummers/escalades/nina/pinta/santa marias. Now the trick with this is that the cross-traffic always continues through the intersection for a good 2-mississippi after their light has turned red. The chaos that ensues is …well… mad max-ian. And this happens every single time a light changes, all across this great state. People wonder where my colorful vocabulary comes from. Learning to drive in this atmosphere I used to think that this was the way everyone drove everywhere, was normal, and not the borderline sociopathic behavior that it really is. I’m telling you, surviving a NJ drive is no small feat. Let’s not even discuss circles. More later.