Had a great weekend in Seattle with M. Went to the Bodies Exhibition. Wild, man. Definitely worth checking out if it comes to your neck of the woods. It was extra convenient having a living version of Grey’s Anatomy narrating everything. Everything looks plastic, but I don’t think I’ll be having any pot roast, roast beef, or chicken legs for at least a month, unless I want to envision eating dead Chinese prisoners.
So M. starts her last week of anatomy today. That’s great, but she showed me what they’ll be doing. And trust me you don’t want to see it. Unless you enjoy emasculation. Yes, my girlfriend is slicing a man’s penis in half. Granted it is a dead 98 year old, embalmed penis, but still. Poor Archibald.
I’m on the train back home now and I’ve been grading, as well as reading the latest paper from Schwentner, “Cage Motions Induced by Electronic and Vibrational Excitations: CL2 in Ar.” The grading falls somewhere between having my fingernails ripped out and being Archibald (see above).
The paper is more interesting, presenting what I think is a good argument for the source of long-lived oscillations in coherent spectroscopic signals from dihalogens in matrices. While I may agree for the moment that the coherent lattice motion giving rise to these oscillations is impulsively driven and not nuclear driven, I can’t be sure until my simulations are done. I still don’t know how people get off doing classical simulations on intrinsically quantum mechanical systems.